Welcome to “Our Own Tiny Gang”, our little family that started with two humans – Jake and Shanae! We are high school sweethearts who have been together for just over 10 years now and got married in October 2010. 

We have three crazy fur kids – Luna, our black cat and our oldest fur child – Zoey, our black lab pit bull mix – and Kratos, our we-don’t-know-what-he-is-but-he’s-cute mutt. 

We found out in October 2016 that we were pregnant and a few days later found out that we were having twins! After our first OB appointment we were told that they were dichorionic, diamniotic twins – aka there were two of everything, two sacs and two placentas. This is ideal with twins and lowers the risk of twin to twin transfusion syndrome because they each have their own nutrient source. This also meant they could be identical or fraternal but we wouldn’t know until genders were revealed and if they were the same gender we wouldn’t know without DNA sampling. 

A few appointments later, we found out that what had looked like two placentas, was actually only one. So that meant monochorionic, diamniotic or identical twins! And along with it, high risk pregnancy with appointments and ultrasounds every two weeks to monitor for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Which has been good and crazy all in its own right. We got to find out very early that the twins were boys!! They are expected the very end of May – beginning of June. Time has gone by extremely fast and I keep expecting it to slow down but it hasn’t. I’m currently a day a way from being 20 weeks and am not expected to go past 37 weeks so we are just over half way there! 

We are lovers of motor sports and spend most of our time during the warmer months riding motorcycles, both street and dirt. We are excited to be able to raise our boys around motorcycles and give them something that is goal oriented that they can build on their whole life. 

When we can’t ride, we either go find trails to ride on in the truck, binge watch Netflix, or spend time with our family and friends! 

Here we will give you stories of our adventures, funnies about our fur kids and biweekly updates of our growing babes. 


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